The Girl and the Firefly

The girl and the firefly is an analogue film which tells the story of a girl travelling inside her consciousness to discover her passions surrounded by the reflections of the outside world. She is in a loop of never realizing what she is looking for is nothing but herself. In a symbolic contrast of day and night, the story narrates her obsessions and despairs, her limitations and anxiety. 

Title- The Girl And The Firefly, Video Art | Medium- Poetry, Installation, Video, Super8 Film Stop-Motion Animation | Size- 02:42 Min | Year- 2019

Title- The Traveller | Medium- Interactive Illustration, Chalk on Paper | Size- 16.53 x 23.39 inches | Year- 2016

Title- The Girl and The Firefly, Concept Exploration | Medium- Storyboard, Pencil on Paper | Size- 8x11 Inches, 8 Pages | Year- 2019