Archive Dive

A visual and interactive web browser experience that 

makes exploring the HistoryMakers archive fun.

The HistoryMakers, Chicago 

Web Development
African American History
Project Management

UX/UI Designer 

Adobe Ps, Ae, Xd & Pr, Maya,
Figma, WCAG Color, G-Drive

Shiwen Jiang - UX/UI Designer
Anjali Shah - Producer, UX/UI Designer
Siqi Wang - Back End Developer
Yue Yuan - UI Designer
Lauren Zhang - Front End Developer

14 weeks, Jan-May 2021

Project Description

In the Spring semester of 2021, I got the opportunity to work on a student team to deliver a semester-long project for a client. The team is called Archive Dive, which is a team of 5 graduate students consisting of 1 producer, 2 UX/UI designers and 2 programmers. I was the producer and UX/UI designer on the team and mainly responsible for managing the project, conducting user research and designing the UI.

Our client, The HistoryMakers contains a digital archive of over 150000 stories from over 3000+ African Americans in the form of first-person video oral history testimony interviews. The goal of our project is to deliver a visual, interactive web browser experience that will attract the interest of new audiences and encourage them to learn about African American history from The HistoryMakers digital archive.

Objective of the project-

  • Create a visual and interactive web browser experience to explore large sets of data. 

  • Attract the interest of 20-29 years old and encourage them to learn about African American history. 

  • Motivate deeper exploration of the HistoryMakers archive.

  • Build a cross platform experience that is compatible with desktop, ipad and mobile phones. 

  • Provide documentation for future additions. 

In May 2021, we delivered a functional web browser experience to our clients which is currently published on their website at

My Responsibilities

  • Led the team with Agile methodology to deliver a web browser experience compatible with desktop and mobile in 14 weeks. 

  • Worked closely with the client to understand their needs, set their expectations and project goals.

  • Developed a detailed project plan, defining the scope of the project, creating an accurate timeline of project completion and anticipating changes. 

  • Understand the dynamics of an interdisciplinary team to assign roles and responsibilities. 

  • Conducted team meetings and brainstorming sessions. 

  • Organised meeting agenda, presentation slides and demos, meeting minutes, and follow ups.

  • Monitored project progress through daily Scrum and assigned team members to specific tasks.

  • Recruited users for early research and testing. 

  • Built the project website and updated regularly with photos, videos and development blogs.

  • Provided the fellow designers and programmers with any help and tools they required. 

As Producer

As UX/UI Designer

  • Conducted research with our target demographic of 20-29 years old to understand their interests and awareness of history. 

  • Researched on appropriate theming and representation of the African American history.

  • Brainstormed ideas and explored fun ways of exploring large data sets through rapid prototyping. 

  • Designed interactions, user flow and curated the content. 

  • Designed the wireframes, layout, typography and icons

  • Created 3D art assets for early prototypes.  

  • Designed playtest surveys, compiled playtest results and conducted iteration sessions. 

  • Designed team branding material including team logo, poster and website. 

Project Trailer

Team Branding Design

Archive Dive-Poster.png

Team Logo (left), Team Poster (Right)

User Flow

Group 1421.png

Responsive UI Design

Screenshot 2021-10-09 at 8.53.03 PM.png

Design Iterations


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Client Testimonial

2021 by Anjali Shah