I started exploring game design during my masters degree in Entertainment Technology. All the below mentioned games are academic projects done for Building Virtual Worlds class during Fall’2020 semester at the Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University. Each video game was developed by a five-person team within one to three weeks. I have played the role of a designer and artist, fulfilling the following responsibilities-

Generating and formalizing ideas for video games through brainstorming, gameplay and level design, creation of concept art for characters and environments, modelling 2D and 3D, characters and environments, UX/UI and graphic design, prototyping and iteration, successfully maintaining aggressive schedule until project completion

Project Name- Peek-A-Boo

Platform- Microphone and Web Cam

Role- Producer, Game & Narrative Design, Environment Art & Modelling, Virtual Booth Design

Project Name- Spy Guy

Platform- VR

Role- Game & Narrative Design, Puzzle Design, Environment Art & Modelling

Project Name- Trans Runner

Platform- Keypad

Role- Game and Level Design, 2D Character & Transition Art & Animation, UI & Graphic Design