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Mirage is a mixed media video artwork that represents the aspirations of a mind to return to the organic path of humanity from the disorientation it suffers from the clusters of technology capturing mind-body-soul. Within the abstract format, the video unfolds an unsettling dream of the subconscious to fall free from the illusions of technology. With its symbolic imagery, the film remains open to the viewer's interpretation.

Title- Mirage, Video Art | Medium- Poetry, Shot Footage, Animation, Body Painting, Illustration | Size- 03:37 Min |  Year- 2018

Title- Mirage, Graphic Novel | Medium- Illustration with Ink on Paper | Size- 3 pages, 8.27 x 11.69 inches |  Year- 2015

Title- Mirage, Space Explorations | Medium- Miniature Model with Mirror, Acrylic and LED Bulb  | Size- 18 x18 Inches |  Year- 2017

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