Anjali Shah is a Master of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University. Majoring in  UI/UX design, she is a UX researcher, visual designer, creative technologist, and collaborator focused on designing engaging and impactful user-centric experiences and interfaces. 

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My Story

Anjali Shah is a multi-disciplined designer and creative technologist with a piece of vast knowledge in user experience, visual design, process-driven research, collaboration, and hands-on product design. She thrives working alongside quick-minded developers, designers, artists, and stakeholders, where trial, error, and innovation are expected and appreciated.


She is an experience designer, exploring the possibilities of storytelling at the intersection of art and technology. Experienced as a visual artist, and a concept, narrative, set and graphic designer, she is passionate about transforming materials and spaces in ways where they express innovations and stories.

With her roots set in fine arts, her earlier works are a mix of mediums including poetry, performance, illustration, installation, miniature modelling, video, animation, Hindustani classical music, and more. She has gained 3 years of years as a set and graphic designer in the Indian film and advertising industry.

Currently pursuing a Master in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University her goal is to expand her creative spectrum into game and experience design. Learning to blend her artistic sensibility with technology-oriented mediums like virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, she aims to design transformational immersive and interactive experiences in the physical and digital world.


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