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Digital Marketing Campaign  

Designed an advertising campaign for Avita Laptops to launch on social media to introduce the variety of color choices and features available in their products as they launch for the first time in the Indian market.

Video Commercial 

Designed the concept, narrative and visual themes for the video commercial and product shoot launched on social media and Indian television.

Worked closely with the marketing team and film making departments to produce and direct the video. 

Crafted the sets and supervised post production of the video.


Creative Product Shoot

Ad Design for Social Media and Company Website

MOB MOCK_edited.jpg

MOB Mobile App 


An entertainment platform to share and watch humourous content curated by MOB-Ministry of Baseless Broadcasting.


Mob - Ministry of Baseless Broadcasting is an Indian entertainment platform personalising humours content for their users.

Led the Product Design- User Experience and User Interface, and collaborated with the stakeholders and developers to build an app for MOB, a platform that curates humorous content shared by their users.

Role: Visual + UX Designer

Time: 4 weeks

Tools: Figma, Illustrator


MOB- Ministry of Baseless Broadcasting was a Mumbai-based comedy company which created the eponymous podcast, YouTube channel and production company. They subsequently formed a digital agency and produced sketches, live comedy and TV shows.



Our client wanted to take advantage of the interactive technologies to give their fans a platform of their own and share ir growing fanbase to curate comedy shows make their existing  interactive technologies to curate a comedy show YouTube’s mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world. They believe that everyone deserves to have a voice, and that the world is a better place when we listen, share and build community through our stories.


User Research

I framed a survey questionnaire for understanding demographics of the users, their usage pattern, pain points and likes and dislikes about the existing content sharing services, and their motivations for a curated show. I distributed the questionnaire to people who followed MOB on Facebook and received 75 responses. 


Frame 658.png
Frame 657 (1).png

User Empathy

User Pain Points

Users are frustrated by repetitive video suggestions
Users are wasting too much time finding the right content
Users end up watching irrelevant videos

User Needs

Users need to be entertained by using least efforts

Users need to keep a check on how much content they have consumed

Users need to filter fake or irrelevant content

Users need to share videos with their friends 

Users need to save content to watch later 


How May We

How we may design a mobile app that allows users to watch a selection of context and get quality entertainment with less effort and time?


Design Goals

1. Curate content to ensure quality 

2. Show the quantity of content user has consumed that day

3. Limit the quantity of content while giving enough to enjoy

3. Enable the user to focus more on each post

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Frame 653.png



Frame 652.png


Frame 659.png

1. Number of posts user has watched from that day's collection

keeps the user aware of how much content they have consumed 

2. Swipe to watch next post 

swipe interaction gives user more control on their action and avoids missing any content from fast speed scrolling

Frame 659 (1).png

3. Curate shows from users'  uploaded content

enables users to watch quality content by filtering any fake or irrelevant content and providing a mindful selection.


I conducted a usability test for the features I had added and improved through video calls and in-person interaction.

I had interviewed 15 participants and asked them how they would operate and understand the features and they were able to do it seamlessly. They responded pretty well to the features and the UI. However, they said that the bookmark section was difficult to navigate once they had saved a lot of content so I added a filter that made it easier for them to find the content they wanted to access.

Frame 656.png
Frame 656.png
Frame 656.png
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