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Plan and execute UX research across 6 Google products in over 10 international markets.

I support the Google Localisation team to plan and conduct international UX research that helps product teams better understand and build for international markets.

I collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders to help them articulate the business objectives and research goals, and partner with the International research vendors to execute studies across regions.

Position: UX Research Consultant

Company: Accenture for Google 

Duration: June 2022 to Present

Location: Remote


  • Create the research plan by helping cross-functional stakeholders to articulate their research objectives.

  • Consult on suitable research methods including quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods.

  • Identify and onboard international research vendors for respective markets.

  • Collaborate with the vendors to prepare research materials such as screener surveys and moderation guides. 

  • Track the project's progress through its lifecycle.

  • Liaison between the research partners and Google stakeholders.

  • Consult on the best approach to provide insights based on users’ needs, flag product issues.

  • Provide key recommendations to product teams.


I am working on multiple projects that range from a duration of 4-6 months for products including Youtube, Photos, Android Auto, GMail and Calendar utilising research techniques such as in depth interviews, diary studies, focus group discussions, A/B testing, usability testing, survey studies etc.

Please reach out to me if you are interested in learning more about the project as they are under an NDA.

If you are hiring managers, please check my resume for the password.

UXR Projects

In-depth Interviews and Prototype Testing for world's leading video streaming platform


In-depth Interviews and Concept Testing for world's leading photo sharing/storage service.

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