ETC Festival Teaser

An interactive web teaser experience that gives a glimpse of the excitement filled ETC festival.

Self Initiated Project
for ETC Virtual Festival' 2020

Web Design
Visual Design
Project Management

Leslie Jing - Programmer
Anjali Shah - Concept & Visual Designer
Sofia Videva - 3D Artist & Animator
Sheenu You - 3D Artist & Animator
Lauren Zhang - 2D & 3D Art

Concept Designer
Visual & Graphic Designer
Video Editor 

2 weeks, Nov 2020

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Premiere

Project Description

For the 2020 ETC Festival held virtually, I volunteered to design a teaser for the festival. I decided to design something more than just a video. Something that would allow the guests to interact with the teaser and allow a smooth transition between the past years in-person and this year's virtual festival.   

Objective of the project-

  • Create a fun interactive video teaser that progresses frame by frame as the guest keeps scrolling.

  • Showcase videos from past years in-person festivals. 

  • Generate excitement for this year's virtual festival. 

The experience is hosted on the ETC Festival Website

My Responsibilities

  • Created the concept and storyboard for the experience.

  • Persuaded 3 artists and 1 programmer to help me

  • Designed each frame and conveyed my vision to the artists.

  • Worked with the programmer and festival committee to figure plug-ins to create the scrolling interaction in Wordpress.

  • Created 2D pixel art on Photoshop.

  • Animated the festival poster on After Effects. 

  • Designed the typography, menu, buttons and icons. 

  • Compiled all the art assets in a video on Premiere.

  • Ensured the completion of the project as per the vision.

  • Provided the fellow designers and programmers with any help and tools they required. 

Video of the Teaser


The teaser is an interactive video that introduces the experience of the festival. It represents a world made of pixels. The students are working from inside a computer(depicted through poster illustration) and creating a live festival experience for the guests(depicted through videos from past year festivals). The live video transforms into the present day where the guests are queued up in the form of pixel avatars to enter the festival. 


The website transitions from 2D art (festival poster style) with slight animations to live video and then to pixel art. It is like an interactive video where, on scrolling down the screen, the video progresses. 



Poster Animation


2021 by Anjali Shah