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Jack 'O' Lantern

A location based narrative projection mapping experience projected on a miniature graveyard set. 

Academic Project
for Experience Design Course at ETC, CMU

Location Based Entertainment
Projection Mapping

Visual Design

Experience Designer
Narrative  Designer
Visual Designer
2D Artist & Animator
Sound Designer


Heavy M
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere 

Ryan Eckert - Jack's Voice Over 
Jonathan Lee - Devil's Voice Over
Anjali Shah - Experience Designer

3 weeks, Feb 2021

Project Description

For my Experience Design class I was I asked to design a projection mapping experience on a miniature set using the software HeavyM.  

Objective of the project-

  • Create a projection map on a miniature graveyard set.

  • Tell the story of the myth behind carving pumpkins on Halloween.

  • Spread the joy of Halloween among kids and teens.

My Responsibilities

  • Created the concept, narrative and storyboard.

  • Established the experience goals.

  • Defined the demographic, installation locations and throughput of the space. 

  • Designed the journey map, takeaways and emotional arc. 

  • Created 2D art and animations.

  • Compiled all the art assets in a video using Adobe Premiere.

  • Projection Mapped the assets using HeavyM.

Project Video

Concept and Story

Many years ago, there was an old man named Stingy Jack. ... After Stingy Jack died, the story says that he was forced to wander around in darkness because of his evil ways. In order for him to find his way in dark, Jack put a piece of coal into a carved out pumpkin to provide some light in the darkness



The Setup

  • Piqo mini projector

  • Coffin box

  • Miniature set containing:

    5 Grave stones
    3 Dilapidated walls
    2 Statues
    1 House
    1 Moon

Emotional Arc

  • Interest- Guests are curious to see what’s inside the coffin 

  • Admiration - Guests admire the miniature set and the visuals projected

  • Surprise- Guests are surprised by the myth behind carving pumpkins

  • Joy- Guests feel the joy of Halloween 

  • Amazement- Guests are amazed by the experience of immersive storytelling

Few Scenes 

Best photo 2.png
Best photo 3.png
Best photo 4.png
Best photo1.png

2021 by Anjali Shah

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