Spacebull Nova

A video game that trains paralysed patients to use eye tracker and a brain controlled click

Putrino Lab, Abilities Research Center at Mount Sinai Hospital
Neurology Department, Carnegie Mellon University

Eye Tracker Game
Project Management

UX/UI Designer 

Adobe Ps, Ai & Pr, Maya,
Unity 3D, Github, G-Drive

Ryan Eckert - Programmer
Arianna Gong - Artist
Ebrahim Karam - Programmer
Ting-Shen Lin - Programmer
Anjali Shah - Producer, UX/UI Designer
Rui Xi - Level & Sound Designer

15 weeks, Sep-Dec 2021

Project Description

In the Fall semester of 2021, I got the opportunity to work on a student team to deliver a semester-long project for a client. The team is called EyeDeal, which is a team of 6 graduate students consisting of 1 producer, 1 level designer, 1 artist and 3 programmers. I was the producer and UX/UI designer on the team and mainly responsible for managing the project, conducting research on accessible design and designing the UI. 

Strentrode - a Brain Computer Interface technology pairs with Tobii eye tracking technology in order to enable cursor control with eye movements and multiple brain-controlled “click” functions. The overall goal of this project is to create a gamified environment that familiarizes and trains prospective Stentrode users including neurologically injured population to use the eye tracker that they will require to successfully use the Stentrode BCI interface.

Objective of the project-

  • Create a fun, engaging video game.

  • Utilising the Tobii Eye Tracker 5, paired with atypical “click” commands that can eventually be controlled by brain signal.

  • Progressively train precision and speed with the eye-tracking technology and click commands. 

  • Design a dashboard back end that allows the science team to view gaming proficiency statistics for each user.

In December 2021, we will deliver a functional eye tracker video game to our clients.

My Responsibilities

  • Led the team with Agile methodology to deliver a video game in 15 weeks.

  • Worked closely with the client to understand their needs, set their expectations and project goals.

  • Developed a detailed project plan, defining the scope of the project, creating an accurate timeline of project completion and anticipating changes. 

  • Understand the dynamics of an interdisciplinary team to assign roles and responsibilities. 

  • Conducted team meetings and brainstorming sessions. 

  • Organised meeting agenda, presentation slides and demos, meeting minutes, and follow ups.

  • Monitored project progress through daily Scrum and assigned team members to specific tasks.

  • Recruited playtesters including surrogate CMU students and faculty, subject experts and consultants, and target demographic of neurologically injured people.

  • Built the project website and updated regularly with photos, videos and development blogs.

  • Provided the artist and programmers with any help and tools they require. 

As Producer

As UX/UI Designer

  • Talked to neurology consultants from Putrino Lab to understand the needs and limitations of our demographic of neurologically injured population. 

  • Watched Game Design Conference videos and read research papers to understand accessible design.

  • Brainstormed ideas for the game that fulfil the clients requirements and adhere to the limitations of our demographic. 

  • Designed playtest surveys, compiled playtest results and conducted iteration sessions. 

  • Understand the elements key to eye tracker like the nature of gaze, requirement of simple non-distracting UI, color contrast between background, and interactable objects.

  • Designed the color tone supportive to eye tracking with help of WCAG color contrast checker.

  • Designed team branding material including team logo, poster and website. 

  • Created the game screens, HUDs, buttons, icons and VFX.

Team Branding Design

0001 3.jpg
EyeDeal_Logo (1).png

The logo depicts a gaming controller made of neurons with an eyeball as the only button on the controller. The neurons depict the brain computer interface and the eye ball depicts the eye tracker.

Project Website:

Team Logo (left), Team Poster (Right)

Game Screen Design

game paused.png

Button Design


Navigation UI Design


Windsheild UI

Visual Effects

Enemy Explosion Effect - WIP

Icon Design

missile warning.png
asteroid warning.png

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